Jagermeister Machine

The innovative Jagermeister tap machine ensures ice cold shots at minus 18 degrees C for three bottles at a time. It's a resident fixture in some of the UK's top music bars, venues and festivals.

Use at parties or events to take your mobile bar to the next level by serving colder than ice Jagermeister shots. Your event will be a talking point for years to come! We are one of the only Mobile Bars in Manchester to offer a Jagermeister machine on hire!

It also makes it presence known within any bar environment and will boost your sales and maximise your profits! The shot dispenser has a gloss black finish and the signage on all sides lights up with a bold signature orange glow famous of Jagermeister.

For details on pricing please contact us. Extended hire is available and special offers can be made when taken along with a portable beer dispenser!